How does ASCEND use cookies?

  • What are cookies?
    Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by your web browser when you navigate to a website.
  • What cookies does ASCEND use?
    ASCEND uses a .Net session cookie, authentication cookie, and security cookies. These are essential cookies without which ASCEND cannot gaurantee your browsing experience. ASCEND uses a Cloudfare cookie which is designed to enhance ASCEND security, and make the ASCEND website load faster on your browser. Because ASCEND is viewed in various EU countries, ASCEND also uses a cookie for your language preference.
  • How does ASCEND use your cookie data?
    ASCEND uses your cookie data to ensure you have a consistent, and secure, experience using ASCEND.
  • Does ASCEND sell or give your cookie data to 3rd party vendors?
  • Does ASCEND export your cookie data outside of the EU?
    Yes. The ASCEND web  servers are located in the USA.
  • Can I delete my ASCEND cookies?
    Yes. You can go to your browser settings and manage your privacy settings. You will be given a choice to delete part or all of your cookies.
  • Can I block ASCEND cookies?
    Yes. You can disable cookies on your browser. Disabling cookies will cause ASCEND, like most web sites, to not function properly.
  • What is the legal basis for ASCEND to process my cookie data?
    Besides the explicit consent you give by clicking on the ASCEND log in button, ASCEND has contractual basis by which it may process cookie data. Only clients of Signature Worldwide, who have signed a contract, can log into ASCEND, and have cookies put onto their computer.  Signature Worldwide also has a legal obligation to protect it's client's data. The security and authentication cookies are part of that process.
  • Can I get copy of my data?
    Yes. You may view your data by logging into ASCEND and viewing it, in real time, in your user profile. If you are no longer active in the system, then ASCEND has processes to either remove, or anonymize, your data.
  • Contact Us 
    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the ASCEND Cookie Policy, please contact us at:

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